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When you suffer with a dental phobia, it's easy to feel alone and isolated. You may think you're the only one who feels this way - utterly petrified at the very thought of seeing a dentist. Or maybe you have a specific fear, such as needles or gagging. Or you're terrified of everything and anything surrounding dentists, teeth and the like - and you'd, quite literally, rather be dead than face the evil d-word.

Whatever the problem, someone else has been there before. And rest assured that you're not the worst - by looking up this site, you have shown a huge amount of courage, and that is true even if you've arrived here as a result of sheer despair.

The stories on these pages were written by people who have overcome, or sort of overcome, their dental phobias.

National Smile Week 2005

This site was originally conceived for the British Dental Health Foundation's National Smile Week 2005.

The stories on this site will be moved to a "proper" domain ( in the near future, as part of a complete restructuring of Dental Fear Central. The new website will contain lots of information, a forum (already in place), and a find-a-dentist database (also in place).

How can I help?

If you have overcome your fear of dentists, or if you have successfully (or even semi-successfully) dealt with a specific fear, such as needles or gagging, please share your story! What you have to say may be what exactly the thing someone else needs to hear. Your story can be a tremendous source of hope and inspiration.

If you would like to help, please use the "Share Your Story" link in the navigation bar to the left. It can be a good idea to type your story into a word processor (such as Word) first, just in case there are any internet connection or browser problems while typing. You can copy and paste this, and click the "submit" button to submit your story.


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