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Trust me, if I can do it, you can too... the answer is Sedation Dentistry! It IS the bomb of all bombs!

It has been 35 years since I went to a dentist for anything! I had a bad time the last time I went so my dental care was on my own. I know, I know bad decision on my part but it was my decision even after I was our on my own.

To make a long story short... I am a type 2 diabetic - on pills and insulin for 20+ years and my teeth, gums and bones has greatly deteriorated from the disease. I began having an enormous amount of pain all inside my mouth. Tube after tube after tube of the oral analgesic gunk, ice packs, heating pads and anything I could do to lesson the pain. My teeth began breaking off in pieces not to mention falling out in my hands... all with major pain. :-[

Luckily I had a routine doctor appointment and of course still in major pain, my doctor asked me what kind of sweetener I used. I have used aspartame products from day one of being diagnosed with Diabetes. He told me to stop using aspartame products immediately and use Splenda only.

He also told me not to go to a dentist but to see an Oral Surgeon. He referred me to one he thought could help me the most. After one visit to the OS, my surgery was set.

Within an OR setting with all the monitors, I was given, oxygen, versed, fentanyl and morphine and 4.5 hours later, it was all over... every tooth gone, 2/3rds of my bone structure was gone as well as 1/2 my gum height was also gone. :'(

After the recovery room, I was sent home same day with oral pain pills... but I was in NO pain what so ever. The first night I did take one pain pill in fear of waking in pain... but nothing... and still no pain today! I go soon to be fitted with my dentures. (Being a diabetic, longer healing time than normal).

If you need dental work done, Sedation Dentistry is the way to go by all means...and well worth the cost!!

Good luck All!!

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