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Dental Phobia Stories

Story 14

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In October of 2004 I woke one morning to a mouthful of cankers. After a brief trip to the hospital I was told I had ginger vitas and needed to find a dentist.

With shaking, sweaty fingers, face, and so on I checked through the phone book for those dealing with us Cowardly Lion types. My FEAR FACTOR is higher then the HOMELAND SERCURITY LEVEL.

I don't have a good record, I've been asked to leave more dentists offices then they worked on me. I make them too nervous they can't do anything for me.

Well, a nice receptionist gave me a name and said that they should be able to help. The office was forty-five minutes away and that was great.

I called and as they say the rest is history.

I had the last four teeth pulled in November of 2004 and was on my way to Dental Implant Surgery.

I had no clue about the implants or what exactly it meant. It has been a learning process for almost a year and a trip that I would encourage anyone to take who has no other alternative.

yes, the procedure sounds crude, and uninviting but with the right dentist to fit your fear factor, and willing to give you comfort in any way possible is the place to start. When you go for a consultation have a list of questions ready about anything and everything that gives you your fear. If you feel that the office isn't going to work for you keep looking.

I got lucky and that receptionist hooked me up with a wonderful team of three different offices that work together. The regular dentist, the oral, implant surgeon and the "smile" (denture) maker.

All three of these dentists and their assistants made me feel comfortable and welcome right from the start. They allowed me talk about my fear, put up with my tears and encouraged and congratulated me on every step that I took towards my goal of a new smile and the chance to eat the way I should have been able to for the past many years.

Implants are tiny screws that are drilled into the bone, the abutments are metal rods attached to those screws and yes, they are permenantly attached. These rods are what the denture will attach to in the end.

Yes, it takes from 8-10 months or sometimes up to a year to have everything accomplished. It has taken me almost 9 months.

Here it is, July 2005 I've got a new smile, new feeling of pride, confidence and a lesser fear factor of the DENTIST!

Just a note: Be prepared it is an expenisve venture (there is help out there check with the dentist office and other avenues available to you) but what price do you put on self-esteem, a happy smile and the self-empowered feeling for dealing with your FEAR FACTOR--PRICELESS--that's the price for it all!

Submitted by Smiling in Maine :-)

2005. The copyright lies with the respective authors.