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Dental Phobia Stories

Story 5

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Hi there. I've been monitoring this board for a while now whilst wrestling with the need to visit the dentist for the first time in seven years.

I have lots of the 'problems' described on here: terror at just about everything - the smell, the sounds, any kind of treatment.

I was convinced I needed three fillings because I could see the spots of decay on my teeth, I didn't want a repeat of the last time when I had left it so late that the tooth needed to be extracted. So after about two months of panicking, crying, being careful when eating I decided enough was enough. I made the appointment (which was an achievement in itself!)

So today was D Day, I was fine in the initial waiting room but then was told to wait upstairs where I could see a dreaded chair, hear very 'dentisty' sounds and smell 'dentisty' smells. My state wasn't helped by the fact that I used the tissue with decongestant on (to mask the smell) to wipe my eyes. Ouch, stingy!

Anyway, I was conviced I needed fillings and was amazed when the dentist actually told me that I didn't need any treatment at all! She said the caries were hard (had a good poke at them, didn't hurt at all!) and so wouldn't get any worse. I couldn't believe it, in fact I must have asked her five times if she was sure.

I had steeled myself for treatment under sedation and tortured myself for weeks and there was nothing wrong. I'm not saying that I'm over my phobia but my main fear is of treatment.

So what I'm saying to anyone who is still reading this is, if you are like me and terrified of treatment, try to take the plunge and go for a check up. You may be lucky like me and be told the little brown spots on your teeth are nothing to worry about.

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