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Dental Phobia Stories

Story 7

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I walk into the dentist office like I'm going to Wal Mart now. If you had told me I would say that two years ago I would have laughed in your face.

My Story:

From the age of 11 my parents didn't have enough money to send me to the dentist. So I wasn't taken. I did clean and brush, but I had tarter buildup within a few years and then the decay began.

When I started working I thought, Well, I can get some insurance and get some things taken care of.. Until I learned that it didn't cover my pre-existing condition. Plus, even with the insurance, I would have maxed out during the first treatment... I kept working, I got little bits done here and there but I just couldn't get ahead of the disease... Plus, they wanted to do root canals and crowns and scaling and extractions everything and I just freaked! I felt hopeless. Then one dentist I went to see finished a filling with me writhing in the seat. I told him it was hurting but he said that it wouldn't be much longer. I went home and cried all afternoon in pain. The infection had gotten to the tooth and his working on it while not being fully numb had caused even more pain.

I decided to not go back.

By the time I was 26 I had a very painful mouth. It was hard to eat, hard to drink, I hadn't bitten into anything in years... I was a mess.

I wanted to go to the dentist, I knew I had to go.. But I was completely afraid of what procedures felt like, what would happen, what if and what nots until I made myself sick. I was afraid and in extreme pain and broke..

Then I met my fiance`. He was kind and loved me despite my ugly smile. He finally learned how bad my teeth were when in August of 2003 I had an abcess. My face was swollen and I couldn't stand the pain. It felt like I was going crazy from the pain!

He pulled me onto the bed and held me and told me he was going to take care of me and not to worry. He took me to the doctor and spent all night taking care of me. Then he asked his dentist to see me and took me there. That dentist wasn't really comforting and I couldn't afford her prices so I decided to try to get help at the OSU Dental CLinic. They were very gentle with me and gave me great support.

On March 26 2004 my procedures began. I was petrified. Extractions! 11 of them! They gave me Valium to calm me the night before and the morning of. Still I was shaking like a leaf. When I actually got there I was crying. I had twilight sedation, I don't remember much of the surgery, except the clock on the wall and how the minute hand would jump 45 minutes in what seemed like 5 to me. I remember a nurse brushing hair out of my face, and that the dentist had hair sticking up in the back that reminded me of Alfalfa from The Little Rascals...

Then I found a cosmetic dentist to finish up the work to be done. You see, when my fiance` saw the pain I was in and the fact that financially I could never get the immediate help I needed, he came to me and offered to help me attain a loan. He offered a chance at life, he took a big risk on me when we had only known each other for 9 months!

It took 11 extractions, 8 or 9 post core buildups, 12 root canals, temporary crowns placed twice, real crowns and placement of 9 mini implants. lots of laughing gas!! And support from my fiance` but I am now a healthy woman getting ready to smile at her wedding. I used to be petrified and ashamed to go to the dentist, It stayed that way until right before I got my implants... Then I realized that I actually enjoyed going. (Now its like getting a spa treatment!) I've even asked to have my teeth cleaned the day before the wedding so that my smile will be bright and shiny!

But now I can smile! I can laugh, and eat, and cry, and smile and smile and talk and smile and laugh out loud... Without fear of who's going to see me.. I'm not hiding anymore.

For any of you who fear going and are in pain, nothing is going to hurt as bad as what you are going through right now. All of that pain, mental anguish and fear... All of that can be gone, just bite the bullet and make that one phone call today to make an appointment! You'll never regret it!

Submitted by Nicole

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