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Dental Phobia Stories

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I am scared of dentists. Well I was scared.

When I was a kid (about 13) I had some work done, and was in pain for 6 weeks afterwards. This experience completely ended any faith I had in any dentist anywhere in the world.

My phobia was so bad that I would plan my trips to avoid a dental surgery.

My teeth started crumbling about 8 years ago, but no pain so I did not address this issue.

Then last week , I fell and shattered two teeth at the front. I now had no choice. I had to go see the dentist.

I made an apointment and spent a few days worrying. Then it dawned on me that if I read up on what procedures were used for what , how it works and why, then I may actually understand the seriousness of it all.

Last thursday was Dentist Day. Strangely , I slept ok the night before and as soon as I entered the surgery , I told the dentist of my fear. Step one, he chaged the nurse from a young 20 something, to a lady in her late 40's who was very very friendly and calming.

Step 2, He had a look and told me what needed doing.

Step 3, He reassured me about pain issues which I have.

I have no work done yet, but that starts next Thursday. I have to have 9 teeth out, several fillings and a root canal. All over 4 weeks.

It is a lot of work, and he told me that there will be discomfort.

I am not worried though. I believe, because I have read a lot, I now understand the long term ramifications of not getting it done. But the big thing for me is that in a months time, I will have a smile. I haven't had a smile for years due to broken and cracked teeth.

I have been self conscious of my teeth, but that may now I will have a smile.

My enthusiasm to get this done has come from the positive reports on this site , and the thought of being able to smile and say hello to everyone everyday.


Update 1:

Well what can I say.

First day of treatmant today. I had four teeth removed.

The first three came out easy but the fourth was a little tough for him.

I will start at the beginning.

I arrived 5 minutes early for the apointment. I sat listening to the drill and began to panic. I then opened my wallet an looked at the picture of my girlfriend. I'm doing this mainly for me, but partly for her. She is a divorcee and when we marry, I want everything to be perfect and this includes a perfect smile.

I decided to stay.

I was called into the room and laid back. Dentist told me that today was "tidying up" day where he will remove 3 maybe 4 teeth and tidy things up on my upper right jaw.

Now my fears are injections and drills. I had overcome the dentist one last week.

The inections did not hurt. I'm telling you all this as I hadn't had an injection in my mouth for 20 years. In that time thing must have evolved as it just did not hurt.

My gum and lip went numb almost instentaneous and then he put the chair back, I opened my mouth. He began his job. Within what seemed like seconds he said "1" and showed me the tooth. Wow! it was out so quickly and without any pulling or twisting (well none I felt). Number 2 and three went the same.

Number 4 was a little harder. He tried for a few minutes before informing me , that he needed to use the drill.

SO here I was , a load of blood in my mouth and no pain so thought "go for it". And it didn't hurt. Thats what amazed me, it just didnt hurt. And another very important thing was that the drill is so so quiet when it is in your mouth compared to when your outside listening.

So there we have it. Visit 1. Four teeth out no pain or discomfort yet. No unpleasantness in the surgeons room.

The post care is also pretty good. The nurse gave me a packet containing loads of mouth swab things and a leaflet explaining what they had done. Benefits of what they had done to me and above all what to do as regards cleaning and allowing healing.

I will update you all after session two.


Update 2:

Had my second day of treatmant today.

Today he extracted three teeth. He also removed a couple of fragments form where teeth were removed last week.

We discussed a root canal and due to both cost and the fact that I can handle extractions , decided to go for an extraction on that one as well.

The whole thing just doesn't bother me anymore. It's like ordering a pop at a bar , which is probbaly the reason I need all this work done.

One of the biggest changes in dentistry I have noticed , is the almost instant numbness from an injection.

When I was a kid , we used to get a gum jab, sit outside for 20 mins then go and get any work done that was needed.

Nowdays, it was jab jab jab , extract extract extract and "come back in two weeks" 20 mins I was in there.

I'm now at home , sucking a gauze. A couple of days of soft foods, loads of washing out with salt water and things now look very very bright.


Update 3:

Hi all

Another load of treatment today.

I had 2 teeth out and three fillings. The impression still hasn't been done due to a slightly swollen gum, and he also wants to make sure everything is settled.

The fillings just dont hurt. Years ago, you could feel the dentist pushing the stuff (whatever its called) into the hole, Nowdays, it dont hurt. Loads of drilling, but that doesnt hurt. Some cleaning, but that doenst hurt. In fact, the only discomfort was the bill at the end of todays treatment. There was also a little discomfort when he was sprying air and cold water onto one of the teeth that was later taken out.

My Advice is as follows.

1) Dont be afraid. The dentist has seen worst teeth then yours.

2) Discuss everything with the dentist. First appointment, dont have anything done unless you have 100% happiness.

3) On your first treatmant day, discuss exactly what is to happen with the dentist. Today, I wanted two teeth out. He asked if he could do 1 filling as well. That didnt hurt so he did all three.

4) read up on procedures on the net. If you understand what is to happen then it makes things easier. I lay there and actually know at what point in a procedure my dentist is.

5) Now this is important. IF something starts to hurt then raise your hand. My dentist stops immediately and the nurse is superb. It may just be you need to clear your mouth. But just do it. Dont be afraid.

Submitted by Brian

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